You've heard about this, right? This place called everywhere, where everyone else is. (And let me tell you, everyone else is having a great time doing it.) And, deeply, truly, honestly they'd love it if you were next to them - in the thick of it. Exploring cinema and the business of film. Uncovering new opportunities. Turning networking possibilities into realities day in and day out while at the Festival de Cannes, like some impossible dynamo that never tires and never slows down- this is the Cannes Film Festival experience.


But, and this is the greatest part, it's not impossible. It's out there and all you have to do to become enmeshed in it is go. And once you start going, just don't stop. And that's the easiest thing in the world - it's so easy, the world was made that way. You've heard about that, too? "An object in motion wants to remain in motion."


 We've got more than three decades of momentum behind us in attending the Festival de Cannes and six decades in the film business between us, so we've definitely got the oomph to overcome any inertia and deliver you to the scene of the action - anywhere you want to be based on long term industry relationships.

Come explore the world of cinema and the business of Film with us